Recent Coyote Sighting in New Hampshire May 2019

Coyotes are now killed as a result of year-round hunting, five months of trapping, night hunting using high tech electronic calls that mimic wounded prey, hunting over bait and conducting killing “contests” that target coyotes. To continue this intense killing pressure on a species without some respite is not only ecologically unsound, it is morally repugnant.

NH has two fox species, the white-tipped tail red fox, and the black-tipped tail gray fox. Both species are declining in population in NH, so much so, that the wildlife biologists at Fish and Game recommended in January 2019 to put a limit on how many may be trapped. The trappers complained to the Fish and Game Commissioners and the Commissioners listened to the trappers rather than to their biologists. Trappers can still kill as many as they want during the trapping season.

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