Panel offers prescription for struggling wildlife agency By DAVE SOLOMON New Hampshire Union Leader Nov 25, 2018 CONCORD — A slight hike in the rooms and meals tax, a $1 million increase in support from the state general fund and a mandatory registration fee for canoes and kayaks are among the recommendations to emerge from […]

Snowshoe hare Letter

Published in the Concord Monitor April 8, 2018 Letter: Snowshoe hares shouldn’t be used to train dogs Sunday, April 08, 2018 Did you know that the N.H. Fish and Game Department allows the capture of our wild snowshoe hares so that they may be used as live tools for training beagles on how to assist […]

NH Coyotes in the News

Experts howl at ‘coywolf’ headlines; limited NH hunting season called for By SHAWNE K. WICKHAM New Hampshire Sunday News January 13. 2018 8:08PM Eastern coyotes have some wolf DNA, but New Hampshire experts say the animals are still just coyotes, so the moniker making headlines lately — “coywolf” — does not apply. (Christine Schadler) A wildlife […]

Beavers Fighting Drought

The New Scientist magazine wrote, “Cursed with a reputation for destruction, the beaver’s tale is an unhappy one. But we are finally seeing an eco-saint where once we saw a sinner.”  Beavers Help Battle Ongoing Drought, from Northwestern University: Climate Change Beaver article Busy Beavers Can Help Ease Drought, from Science Daily:  https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/02/080220130511.htm Beavers are being welcomed […]