Currently, in 2020 we are working to save NH’s snowshoe hare from the cruelty of being used as disposable dog training tools. NH Fish and Game allows these wild animals to be live cage caught by beagle dog clubs who in turn use them for hunting dog training. This goes against the policies of NH Fish and Game to keep wild animals wild but they allow this to appease a few beagle dog clubs in NH. It needs to end. Very soon the rule that allows this will be coming to rulemaking and we will need your help at that time. Please stay in touch and write to us at any time at 

Past Campaigns

Voices of Wildlife is a relatively new organization, just a few years old. In that time we have had our NH lawmakers submit legislation to help beavers and coyotes. This is hard work in NH and neither bill passed. We will continue our legislative efforts to help the wild animals of NH.

Along with our legislative efforts, we fight for rule changes at NHFG and keep a presence at the monthly NHFG Commission meetings. We petitioned NHFG for a rule change concerning coyote hunting and now for the snowshoe hare. As with everything, stay in touch and write us an email at any time.