The Public on Bobcats

Bobcats may or may not have to count humans as predators in the near future depending on the outcome of a public debate. In any case, smart bobcats will give us wide berth. Also, smart humans might stay away from bobcats, although there’s some evidence to suggest that there’s been a significant decline of late in the population of smart humans. – See more at:

When I lived in Sandwich one winter, a Bobcat walked down the middle of our dirt road during a snowstorm. “What a beautiful animal” I thought. Imagining that poor creature caught in a trap is infuriating. Now here is my chance to help save them- and I’m proud to be part of it.

From a Hunter: “HOUNDING we are totally against; this is NOT hunting! What happened to the challenge of being in the woods, 1 on 1, trying to outwit the prey! Hounding divides up the mothers from the babies; it is not fair and it cuts down the future populations because of this factor alone. I’ve seen Bear cubs separated from their mothers because of hounds, where the mother is treed and shot; hence the cubs don’t survive due to their age. Pathetic. Same will happen with the Bobcat…. TRAPPING, I know the Bobcat’s pelt will bring in some money, BUT, as usual, the trapping will be abused by some, and Fish and Game cannot keep track of everyone. The animals suffer, not to mention any other animal – wild or domestic, getting caught in this inhumane contraption.”

“Why with all the sickening violence going on in this world do you even want to consider making it a sport to kill these animals. We own 200 rural acres which we have never posted but if this goes through with the worry of someone setting traps our dogs or children could get into, the signs will go up.”

“Just as with the moose what kind of sense does it make to hunt a species that is struggling to maintain its numbers? I am pro hunting but common sense must rule here.”

“I am a NH native and own property in the state. I am ashamed that NH would consider having a season on bobcats. You can’t eat them, and their pelts are not very big. What in the world is going on with Fish and Game!!!!!”

“Nice try, but I think the cats out of the bag on this. The study was biased as it was designed to determine how many to take not whether it was necessary. Since F&G makes their living on licenses, and has been falling short of late, it’s the equivalent of having the fox run the hen house. Maybe it’s time to hire independent, unbiased organizations to conduct studies and advise on our wildlife population. It is “our” wildlife population, not just the hunters and F&G.”

“Bobcats are still so rare in NH that, even though I have lived essentially in NH woods most of my life (72 years), I can count those I have seen on one hand. Let these beautiful animals recover their rightful place in NH’s ecology. Especially, DO. NOT. ALLOW. THEM. TO. BE. TRAPPED. Trapping is cruel. No animal should suffer so. If that does not move you, consider that our beloved domestic animals can be lured to these traps.”

“I started following my father around in the woods 60 years ago. I have hunted almost every year since then. Would one of you who is a proponent of a bobcat hunt please explain to a fellow hunter what the need or point is in killing a bobcat? You aren’t going to eat it right? So the only point in killing it is just to kill it and nothing else. I would guess that 95 percent of the people in this state have never seen a live bobcat. How about giving the cats a break and give folks a chance to see one of these beautiful and harmless animals alive and wild. Do you really need to kill just for the sake of killing?”

I am so sick of the F****** Fish and Wildlife Department! Totally brainwashed and ruled by hunters and trappers! No real concern for conservation or wildlife! Bobcats have been protected in NH since 1989!!! Leave them alone! They are gorgeous, shy, do not bother anyone, and provide important eco-services. Why must we kill everything! I sure hope everyone who cares about conservation in NH posts their land!

I will close my land to all hunting if this goes through. Right now my land is used for deer hunting for every season-bow, muzzle, etc. I provide access to numerous families of hunters. There are bobcat habitats that can be accessed through my land. The proposal to introduce a bobcat hunt is a misguided politically driven idea. I am also on the Lyme NH Conservation Commission.

“You have not addressed my concerns … about accidental killing of a lynx… I am a resident and feel the bobcat and lynx belong to me just as much as other residents and/or hunters. Hounding is not humane for the hunted animals, it causes a disturbance with privately owned livestock and is considered a nuisance to property owners living in rural and wooded areas.”

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