Legislation & Rulemaking


Voices of Wildlife has introduced or been a key supporter of the following legislative initiatives:


According to New Hampshire’s Administrative Procedures Act (Chapter 541-A), any interested person may petition an agency to adopt, amend, or repeal a rule.

Voices of Wildlife has exercised this ability on many occasions by petitioning the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department to modify their hunting rules to better protect wildlife:


2023 Rulemaking petition to prohibit coyote hounding | Response to petition

2019 Rulemaking petition to require reporting by hunters of coyotes

2017 Rulemaking petition to shorten coyote hunting season | While this petition was denied, in the subsequent rulemaking period wildlife biologists also proposed a shortened coyote season, citing the petition as part of their basis. The proposal was voted down by the Commission.

Snowshoe hares

2020Rulemaking petition to Repeal Fis 806.05 snowshoe hare live-capture requirements | New Hampshire Fish and Game did not repeal Fis 806.05, as requested, but instead amended the rule to require an annual health check for the hares.