Letter to the Editor: Protect your lands from bait-and-sit hunting this fall

Published in the Conway Daily Sun
Aug 9, 2018

N.H. Fish and Game has been in the news a lot lately. Because of that, some in the media are supporting hunting and opposing those of us who work for the protection of wild animals. Many N.H. residents are not opposed to fair chase hunting to put food on the table. The problem is that fair chase hunting is a rare experience in today’s hunting.

Hunters are their own worst enemy. They bait and sit in a tree stand, waiting for an animal to be enticed to a pile of junk food and then kill that animal while he or she is peacefully eating. What kind of hunting is that? And while I am at it, what is the deal with the tree stand? Whatever happened to using skills, such as tracking, where the animal has a fair chance of getting away, as the Boone and Crockett Club states is fair chase hunting?

Hunters chase bears with hounds up a tree and then shoot. Sometimes it is a lactating female who is leaving cubs behind. You can watch hunters do this on YouTube, hunters from right here in N.H. They are so proud of themselves they videotape for the world to see. But most of the world is appalled and root for the innocent and helpless bear. Many landowners in N.H. are posting their land after viewing these heartbreaking videos.

N.H. residents, please join the wildlife protection movement in N.H. Google the groups in N.H. working to give N.H.’s wild animals a fair shake and get in touch with them. And if you want to post your land, there is a group I am affiliated with, the N.H. Animal Rights League, that gives out free NO HUNTING signs for your property. There is no time to lose; bear hunting begins Sept. 1.


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