Audubon Plates

Twenty-two plates were donated to VOW for use in raising funds. They are brand new and have never been out of the boxes they came in. One is in a frame. Dates, etc., are on the back of the plates. For a $100 donation, you are eligible for one plate with free shipping—state in the note section of the donation form which plate you would like.

Cedar Waxwings
Rivoki’s Hummingbird, Golden Pheasant, Evening Grossbeak, Painted Redstart
Tawny Owl and Barn Swallow
Great Spotted Woodpecker
Western Bluebird, European Goldfinch, Magnolia Warbler
Collared Trogon, Chaffinch, White Winged Crossbill
Cardinal and Scarlet Taragon
Red Cardinal and Scarlet Taragon
(Wood Thrush, Blue Throat, Not Pictured) Bobolink, Turquoise Wren
Blue Jay
Framed plate
Certificate of Authenticity, Issued 1980