Report Card for our NH Lawmakers

After following NH legislation for animals in the legislative Fish and Game and Marine Resources Committee (FGMR) for the 2019-2020 sessions we know who the friends of the animals are, and who are not. We are mainly going by wildlife legislation VOW was most involved in – HB 442 of 2019 and HB 1571 of 2020.

Sponsored by Representative Ellen Read, HB 442 of 2019 would have protected coyotes while raising their young by prohibiting hunting during the months of April 1 until August 31. Coyotes are important predators who are hunted year-round in NH.

Also sponsored by Representative Ellen Read, HB 1571 of 2020 was the bill to change the qualifications of the NH Fish and Game Commissioners so that other stakeholders could be Commissioners rather than just those who hunt, fish, or trap.

Both bills were voted itl (Inexpedient to Legislate) in the FGMR Committee but not until and after a tireless and righteous fight by the sponsor.

Report Card for the Members of the FGMR Committee. For any questions email

  • Representative Ellen Read, Newmarket – A+
  • Representative Kathy Stack, Merrimack – A
  • Representative Mary Eisner, Derry – A
  • Representative Jim Bosman, Francestown – A
  • Representative Sparky Von Plinsky, Keene – A
  • Representative Dennis Ruprecht, Landaff – A
  • Representative Timothy Egan, Sugar Hill – B
  • Representative Mark King, Hillsborough – F
  • Representative Cathryn Harvey, Spofford – F
  • Representative Larry LaFlamme, Berlin – F
  • Representative Roger Dontonville, Enfield – F
  • Representative James Webb, Derry – F
  • Representative Robert L’Heureux, Merrimack – F
  • Representative David Love, Derry – F
  • Representative John Klose, Epsom – F
  • Representative Ed Comeau, Brookfield – F
  • Representative Raymond Howard, Alton – F
  • Representative Aboul Khan, Seabrook – F
  • Representative Kevin Craig, Lancaster – F
  • Representative Frank Kowtowski, Hooksett – F

If your Representative is not on the FGMR Committee but you would like to see how they voted on HB1571 go HERE A yea vote on this Roll Call is a vote against the animals.

Important Notice: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, out of an abundance of caution the General Court has suspended all legislative activities through May 4th. During this time, the State House will be closed to legislative members, legislative staff, and visitors. – from

This shutdown is a good time for constituents to contact their lawmakers. Thank them if they made good votes for the wild animals of NH. If they didn’t, ask them why and let them know how you feel. They work for you!

VOW, a registered NH non-profit 501(c)(4), works to protect NH’s wildlife by advocating for legislation and regulations and conducts research into elected official’s positions and voting records regarding these issues and to publicize those results.

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